CPDSN Proposed National P-CATS Update Project

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This presentation is a follow up to "The Value of Paediatric Surgical Wait Times Data: The Stollery Children's Hospital's Experience" by Mary Muir looking at how paediatric surgical wait times data can be used in organizations to affect positive change including increasing access, improving work flow and enhancing our ability to service children who are awaiting surgical intervention. The goal of today's webinar is to help you learn about about a ground movement for a proposed update to the P-CATS code in order to enhance surgical wait times data. 



Dr. Frankie Fraulin, Plastic Surgeon, Chief, Section of Pediatric Surgery, Site Chief for Surgery, Alberta Children's Hospital
Mary Muir, PSWT Site lead for The Stollery Children’s Hospital
Shawn Hillhouse,Patient Care Manager, Operative Services Level 1,Stollery Children’s Hospital
Dr. James Wright, Chief of Peri-operative Services and Surgeon-in-Chief, The Hospital for Sick Children & Chair PSCC
Yuri Iwakata-Tesoro, former CPSWT Project Lead. Business Support Supervisor, Department of Surgery & Perioperative Services, The Hospital for Sick Children
Elaine Orrbine, President & CEO, CAPHC
Leah Boon, National Coordinator, CAPHC-CPDSN

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