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35 -**[[image:deborah-thul-125.jpg]]Deborah Thul**,** BSW, RSW**
35 +**[[image:deborah-thul-125.jpg||style="float: left; padding: 10px; margin-left: 1em; width: 150px;"]]Deborah Thul**,** BSW, RSW**
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37 37  Deborah is a social worker who coordinates the Well on Your Way Youth in Transition program at the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary. She has been working in the area of adolescent transition for the past 9 years, assisting ambulatory clinics at the Alberta Children’s Hospital to develop adolescent transition programs that focus on patient readiness using a family-centered care approach. Her work also involves developing community partnerships, addressing system barriers and gaps, and assisting medically complex patients and their families with the transfer to adult care.