Pediatric Clinical Deterioration: When things go from bad to worse - Parents & Providers Working Together

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During this webinar we will welcome Sabina Robin to share her experience with failure to recognize clinical deterioration and have an understanding of the scope of this problem in Canada. You will also hear from colleagues at Sick Kids about their Bedside PEWS (Pediatric Early Warning System) and from CPSI regarding additional tools and resources to support parents and providers working together to improve awareness regarding recognition of clinical deterioration.

Parshuram.jpgDr. Chris Parshuram

Dr. Parshuram is a staff physician in the Department of Critical Care Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children, a Senior Scientist in Child Health Evaluation Sciences at the SickKids Research Institute, and a Professor at the University of Toronto in the Department of Paediatrics and Critical Care Medicine, and is faculty in Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. Dr. Parshuram is formally trained in clinical epidemiology, and has expertise in cardiac arrest prevention, reducing errors that are associated with medications, and preventing fatigue in healthcare workers. He has received peer-reviewed research funding from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, the Society of Critical Care Medicine, and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.”

Middaugh.jpgKristen Middaugh, BScN

Ms. Kristen Middaugh has more than 20 years of healthcare experience and was a Co-Inventor of BedsidePEWS.  As Project Manager of the BedsidePEWS research at the Centre of Safety Research, she coordinates implementation of BedsidePEWS and research amongst international paediatric hospitals and helps customize BedsidePEWS documentation for each hospital.  In addition, Ms. Middaugh provides education and support to the hospitals throughout their term. As the Senior Clinical Manager for BCS, she works closely with Dr. Parshuram to develop bedside clinical decision support tools for frontline staff.

Robin.jpgSabina Robin, Patients for Patient Safety Canada

Sabina got involved with patient safety after losing her fourth child, Mataya, in April 2004, following a series of communication breakdowns during a nine day hospitalization that contributed to Mataya's death.  Sabina is one of the founding members of the Family/Patient Safety Council established in 2005, is a National Patient Safety Champion as well as a member of the World Health Organization World Alliance Patients for Patient Safety Canada since 2006. The roles have created many opportunities to collaborate with key stakeholders. Sabina has spoken at several events about the importance of listening to patients and families. She has partnered with physicians to develop guidelines, policies and procedures and has worked with the Patients for Patient Safety Canada Disclosure Working Group to distribute the Principles for Disclosure. Sabina Robin has worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse for the last 20 years in both rural and urban facilities and more recently in the community setting.

Noble.pngJoanna Noble RN, BScN, CPPS, CRM

Joanna is the Supervisor, Knowledge Transfer within the Healthcare Risk Management Department at the Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC). She leads the translation of claims data into patient safety knowledge and the dissemination of this knowledge to healthcare organizations,practitioners and other stakeholders. Joanna is a key lead in the development of tools, resources and reports for hospitals and care providers providing labour/delivery and midwifery services. She has over 20 years’ experience in patient safety, risk, quality, nursing and insurance, and frequently contributes to external forums, publications and committees on diverse risk management and patient safety issues. In 2016, Joanna was selected to be a member of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science Faculty. She recently started a Master of Science Healthcare Quality at Queens University.

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