Youth Leaders at Holland Bloorview: How the Youth Mentorship Program is Leading the System

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Holland Bloorview recognizes the importance of peer-to-peer connection for the children and youth that the hospital serves. The Youth Engagement Strategy provides the structure to engage with Youth Leaders as partners and provides access for the hospital community to trained Youth Mentors. This presentation will focus on the Youth Mentorship Program and how it is leading the system at Holland Bloorview.

CJ 2016.jpgC.J. Curran BHA, MA Leadership, CHE(c)

A recognized thoughtful innovative leader and creative thinker with extensive experience in the healthcare sector with pediatric rehabilitation. Personable and participative in approach to leading highly successful teams and change management initiatives. Demonstrated ability to grow and improve the delivery of innovative client care programs and services while increasing health outcomes. Proven ability to build strategic coalitions, and unite organizations through shared vision and strategic purpose.

DMDaug2016.jpgDolly Menna-Dack, MHSc

Dolly is a Youth Facilitator in the cross-organizational transition program known as the LIFEspan Service at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and Toronto Rehab, UHN. Dolly focuses on supporting clients and families with developing advocacy and practical life skills as they navigate the transition from paediatrics to the adult healthcare system.

Dolly is the staff lead for the youth engagement programs at Holland Bloorview including the Youth Advisory Council and the Youth Mentorship Program. Her particular interest is paediatric rehabilitation issues that arise in both clinical care and research with children and youth with chronic illness and disabilities. Dolly has over eight years’ experience on paediatric research ethics boards, both at acute and rehabilitation hospitals.

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