Aanish Naa Gegii: the Children’s Health and Well-being Measurement (ACHWM) and Resources for Indigenous Children

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There is an urgent need for culturally relevant and safe wellness measurement tools and resources for Indigenous children. Aanish Naa Gegii: the Children’s Health and Well-being Measure (ACHWM) was developed by and for Indigenous children and validated for First Nation, Métis, Inuit, and family services in both English and French.

The ACHWM Resource Hub expands upon the organization’s support of Indigenous communities by providing group program reviews and easily adaptable wellness resources. The initiative aims to be a continuous knowledge exchange of communities, Nations, and organizations, sharing information to continue supporting the well-being of Indigenous children.

This presentation will review the ACHWM measurement and Resource Hub to equip Children's Healthcare Canada members with the tools to better support Indigenous children and youth.

Learning Objectives:
- Understand the importance of culturally relevant and culturally safe wellness measurement tools and resources
- Understand how to access and apply the ACHWM (Aanish Naa Gegii: the Children’s Health and Well-being Measure) as a culturally relevant measure of Indigenous children’s health and well-being
- Understand how to access and adapt ACHWM Resource Hub wellness resources for the needs of Indigenous children patients and client

Front-line service providers, Middle managers, Senior leaders, Researchers

  • Mia Bourque is the Community and Culture Liaison for the ACHWM: Aanish Naa Gegii Children’s Health and Wellbeing Measure. She is a Anishinaabe Kwe from Western Quebec who is extremely passionate about language revitalization, Indigenization and learning the traditional hunting and fishing ways of her people. Twitter: @MiaBourque

  • Lily Racine-Bouchard is the Knowledge Translator for the ACHWM team. She has completed degrees in both Biologie biomédicale and Health Promotion at Laurentian University. As a natural leader and an active volunteer in her community, she has developed many strong connections and partnerships. Lily holds several years of experience in education and communication, developing and implementing plans for Indigenous populations across the North. 
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