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7 7  **[[image:DW.jpg||style="float: left; padding: 10px; margin-left: 1em; width: 150px;"]]Douglas Walker, PhD,** is the Chief Programs Director at Mercy Family Center in New Orleans. He has practiced as a Clinical Psychologist for the past twenty-three years and is celebrating his 22nd year with Mercy this year. In response to Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Walker created Project Fleur-de-lis, New Orleans’s largest school-based mental health program devoted to students struggling emotionally and academically in the years following the storm and destruction. Since then, his expertise in responding to the mental health needs of large-scale natural and man-made disasters has been utilized to create culture-specific, trauma-informed mental health programming across the United States and abroad. His work in Canada includes consulting, training and technical support following the Calgary floods of 2013, and the Fort McMurray wildfire of 2016. He worked closely with Policywise for Children and Families to co-author Psychosocial Response and Recovery Evaluation of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) Wildfire 2016.
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10 10  **[[image:MW.jpg||style="float: left; padding: 10px; margin-left: 1em; width: 150px;"]]Michelle Craig** is the Executive Director of the Addiction and Mental Health Branch with Alberta Health. She holds a Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology and has over 30 years of progressive leadership experience gained in the Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, school jurisdictions and community not-for profits. Her leadership experience includes local operations management in allied health and social services, regional and provincial leadership in population and public health, and strategic leadership and policy development in addiction and mental health and early childhood development. Michelle believes in the potential of people and leading the Addiction and Mental Health Branch to drive system innovation to transform the addiction and mental health system is an honour and an exciting challenge.