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21 21  **[[image:Jill Woodward 1.jpg||style="float: left; padding: 10px; margin-left: 1em; width: 150px;"]] Jill Woodword, RN, BScN (Hons), MA**, is a Registered Nurse specializing in paediatric nursing after qualifying as a RN (Child) in the UK and has worked in paediatrics for over 25 years. Jilll moved to Calgary with her family in 2001 and has worked at Alberta Children’s Hospital since then in many different roles, from bedside RN/Charge Nurse, through management positions, including managing inpatient areas, specialty clinics and PICU. She is now Executive Director, Inpatient Care, with operational responsibility for Inpatient Units, Emergency Department, PICU, NICU, and Surgical Services. Jill is also the lead Executive Director for Paediatrics in the Calgary Zone, Alberta Health Services. She is one of the Site Leads for Safest Together, Alberta’s version of Solutions for Patient Safety. Jill has a passion for promoting, facilitating, and supporting the safest environment for patients, families, and staff.