COVID-19 Vaccines in Children with Medical Complexity or Disabilities

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Children with medical complexity and/or disability have experienced many challenges during the pandemic. There are now licensed vaccines for children 5 years old and older.  Many families and providers have questions about these vaccines, their administration, and their role in protecting children with medical complexity and/or disability.

Dr. Eyal Cohen and Dr. Julia Orkin are complex care pediatricians in Toronto. They look forward to having a thoughtful conversation with parent partner, Brenda Lenahan on this topic that so important to many families and clinicians alike.

During this webinar, our speakers will:

  1. Describe the impact of COVID-19 infections and the pandemic on children with medical complexity and/or disability
  2. Discuss the evidence for vaccinating against COVID-19 in children with medical complexity and/or disability
  3. Discuss special considerations when vaccinating children with medical complexity and/or disabilities.
  4. Highlight resources and support for parents and providers of children with medical complexity and/or disabilities

Eyal Cohen, MD, MSc, FRCPC

Dr. Eyal Cohen co-founded the Complex Care Program in the Division of Pediatric Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children, where he is Program Head of Child Health Evaluative Sciences in the Research Institute.  He is a Professor of Pediatrics and co-Director of the Leong Centre for Healthy Children at the University of Toronto with cross-appointments in the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. 

Julia Orkin

Dr. Julia Orkin is a staff paediatrician at The Hospital for Sick Children in the Division of Paediatric Medicine and an Associate Professor, University of Toronto. She is the Medical Director of the Complex Care program.

She is the Paediatric Clinical Lead for Ontario Health Toronto Region and is the medical lead for the SickKids Community outreach program which includes Covid-19 testing and vaccination programs including the COVID-19 vaccine confidence hotline. She holds an Associate-Scientist Track position at the SickKids Research Institute. Her research focuses on innovations in care delivery for children with medical complexity and their families. 

Brenda Lenahan, Parent

Brenda Lenahan is mom to a young son with complex disabilities who has inspired her involvement in advocacy, research, and her home-based business selling adaptive outdoor recreation equipment. As a parent advocate for a grass roots group, Brenda founded BC Parents for Complex Kids in 2017. She advocates for access to equitable supports for kids with complex disabilities and medical complexity. Brenda works with the CHILD-BRIGHT Network as a partner on various research projects and initiatives in hopes that, one day, the research can inform needed policy changes both provincially and federally. Brenda has an optimistic heart and hopeful vision on an equitable future for her son and all persons with disabilities in Canada.

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Due to a high level of engagement on the webinar, particularly during the Q&A session, several audience questions remained unanswered. Please find those questions and related responses by clicking here.

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