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26 26  \\\\**Jenny Sun** - Parent representative
27 27  Jenny has been a patient partner with the ChildKind project at BCCH since the conception of the structure in May 2019. She participates as a former patient on the Caregiver Supporter Advisory as well as the ChildKind KT Committee.
28 28  \\Jenny was diagnosed with AIS at the age of 11 and had since undergone two spinal fusion surgeries. Her experience with scoliosis has since propelled her to pursue a career in the healthcare field. She is currently studying at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and she is actively involved in the ChildKind project as a member of the Caregiver Supporter Advisory and ChildKind Knowledge Translation Committee.
29 +\\\\\\[[(% class="wikiattachmentlink" %)**Click to view webinar participation certificate**>>attach:Webinar Participation Certificate (15) (1).pdf||rel="__blank"]]