Commitment to Comfort: spread and scale of a pediatric pain management initiative

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Commitment to Comfort is a quality improvement initiative that was created at Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, Alberta, with the aim to promote children’s comfort and help lessen their pain and anxiety during procedures in the emergency department. Since its launch, Commitment to Comfort has been spread to a number of emergency departments across Alberta, phlebotomy labs in parts of the province, and is most recently being introduced to provincial public health centres. With its continued spread and scale to more hospitals and lab settings, Commitment to Comfort aims to provide children across the province with a consistent care experience that empowers children, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals to place priority on children’s comfort. This webinar will discuss key learnings of the spread and scale of the Commitment to Comfort program as well as consider common barriers to the sustained implementation of similar initiatives and how they can be overcome.

Following this webinar, participants will be able to:
-Name the pillars of Commitment to Comfort and appreciate their base in current evidence
-Understand how the initiative can be spread and scaled outside of tertiary pediatric care centres to other settings where children are seen and treated
-Recognize and overcome common barriers to sustainability of grassroots quality improvement initiatives


  • Dr. Elise Reiter is a Knowledge Broker for the national knowledge mobilization network Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP) and is based at the Stollery and Department of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta. Dr. Reiter received her PhD from the University of Cologne in 2016 and has worked as a knowledge mobilization professional since 2012. She is passionate about the co-development of knowledge translation initiatives with patients and families and helping to amplify the voices of underrepresented groups.
  • Dr. Samina Ali is a pediatric emergency physician at the Stollery Children’s Hospital (Edmonton, Alberta) and a Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at the University of Alberta. Dr. Ali is a national award-winning researcher, mentor, and educator. She is currently vice-chair of Pediatric Emergency Research Canada (PERC), the founding co-chair of PERC’s Pain Interest Group, and the Western Canadian lead for Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP), a national knowledge mobilization network. Her research program concerns better pain treatment for children, with a focus on responsible prescribing of opioid analgesia and the management of medical procedure-related pain.
  • Dr. Jennifer Thull-Freedman is a pediatric emergency physician and the Medical Director for Quality and Safety at the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary. She is also the Physician Lead for Quality in the Alberta Children's Hospital emergency department. Dr. Thull-Freedman led the Alberta Emergency Department Commitment to Comfort, a quality improvement collaborative that began in the emergency department of the Alberta Children’s Hospital and has now led to measured improvement in pain outcomes across over 50 Alberta emergency departments. She is also the quality lead for the Safest Together initiative to eliminate hospital-acquired harm at the Alberta Children's Hospital. Dr. Thull-Freedman is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at the University of Calgary.
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