Economic Evaluation in Child Health: Autism Spectrum Disorder

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With rapidly rising health expenditures, Canadian provincial government decision makers increasingly rely on cost-effectiveness evidence to judge the value of emerging treatments and technologies to facilitate budget allocation decisions. At the same time, many provinces are instituting reforms in their subsidized autism spectrum disorder (ASD) programs. Economic evaluation that compares alternative approaches to ASD diagnosis and treatment is essential to ensure that children and families receive the most efficacious services within health, education and other public sector systems that face budget constraints.

The learning objectives of this webinar are to:

  • provide a basic understanding of  the principles of economic evaluations in children 
  • illustrate an example of pediatric economic evaluation in ASD 
  • consider how provincial funding decision-makers use cost-effectiveness evidence to inform budget allocation

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Wendy Ungar, MSc, PhD, is a Senior Scientist in Child Health Evaluative Sciences at The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute and Professor in the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto. She holds the Canada Research Chair in Economic Evaluation and Technology Assessment in Child health. Dr. Ungar has a Masters degree in Pharmacology & Therapeutics from McGill University and a PhD in Health Policy, Management & Evaluation from the University of Toronto. As Director of TASK (Technology Assessment at Sick Kids), Dr. Ungar leads a program of research applying economic evaluation methods to child health with a current focus on genomics and neurodevelopmental disorders. In 2017 Dr. Ungar was appointed Chair of the newly formed Ontario Genetics Advisory Committee with a mandate to make funding recommendations on emerging genetic technologies for Ontario. In 2010, Dr. Ungar’s book Economic Evaluation in Child Health was published by Oxford University Press.

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