From Vaccine Hesitancy to Vaccine Resilience: building and sustaining vaccination acceptance and uptake

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Vaccine hesitancy is now recognized as a threat to the successes of vaccination programs in Canada and around the world. This webinar will present current issues around vaccine hesitancy in Canada, looking at both the general public and the healthcare providers. We will discuss strategies to effectively address vaccine hesitancy. We will also illustrate the importance of maintaining confidence in and demand for vaccination using an innovative approach around the concept of “vaccine resilience”.

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Dr. Eve Dubé is a medical anthropologist working at Quebec National Institute of Public Health. She is also a researcher at the Research Center of the CHU-Quebec and a professor at the Department of Anthropology at Laval University. Her research focuses on the socio-cultural field surrounding immunization. She is interested in vaccine hesitancy and is leading various projects in that field. She was the member of the World Health Organization working group on Vaccine Hesitancy and she is leading the Social Sciences and Humanities Network of the Canadian Immunization Research Network.

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