Honouring Jordan’s Principle: Putting Kids First

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Jordan’s Principle is a legal rule to ensure that First Nations children have access to the services they need, when they need them. Jordan's Principle applies to all public services, including mental health care, special education, dental services, physical therapy, speech therapy, medical equipment, physiotherapy, respite for caregivers and more.

It has been more than 10 years since Jordan’s Principle passed unanimously in the House of Commons, and over a year since the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ordered the federal government to implement Jordan’s Principle in a way that upholds substantive equality. Jennifer will provide an overview of the Tribunal’s legal orders and discuss how practitioners and community members can ensure First Nations children, on and off reserve, receive proper benefit from Jordan's Principle.

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L4BB4-27TDD5P_KingJ_36_0.jpgJennifer King
Reconciliation and Policy Coordinator

Anishinaabe from the Wasauksing First Nation, Jennifer has been working in areas of research, policy and public engagement in support of Indigenous women and children for over 10 years. Jennifer has a Master’s degree in social work, with a focus on Indigenous methodologies and Indigenous perspectives on policy and practice. She is passionate about the role of critical education and research in promoting justice, equity and meaningful reconciliation in Canada. An experienced presenter and facilitator, Jennifer has authored/co-authored several publications on Indigenous issues and is also a sessional instructor in the School of Social Work, University of Victoria, teaching via distance education.

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