Influences on Parent Decision Making Regarding COVID-19 Immunization for their Children

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Many Canadian parents are asking: Why should I immunize my child against COVID-19, and is it safe to do so? With children 12-17 years now eligible for COVID-19 vaccines, and vaccines soon to be approved for children <12 years, it is important to know what influences parents’ decision of whether to seek immunization for their children. This presentation will discuss these issues and report on results of a national survey of parents of various identities and backgrounds regarding their perceptions about COVID-19 disease and vaccines, and characteristics that influence their intention to immunize their children <18 years. 


By the end of this presentation, participants will:

1.       Be aware of the influences on parents’ decision regarding COVID-19 immunization for their children

2.       Recognize how these influences may differ for parents across various identities and backgrounds

3.       Understand the implications for the promotion of vaccine confidence/uptake in children and parents

Dr. Shannon MacDonald, RN, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Nursing and an adjunct in the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta. Her clinical background is in pediatric nursing, with research training in nursing, public health, and epidemiology.  Her research focuses on supporting immunization best practice and policies and she has a particular interest in addressing system-level barriers and supports to achieving high immunization coverage in under-served populations. She leads an interdisciplinary research team that works with vaccine policy advisors, program administrators, and clinicians to address real-world questions to inform best practice and policy.

Robin Humble, BSN, MPH, is a PhD student in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta, and an instructor in the Faculty of Nursing at Camosun College, Victoria, British Columbia. Her clinical background is in women’s surgery and public health services across diverse settings and includes research experience in nursing student practice, child health, and epidemiology. Her research focuses on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected parents’ perceptions and uptake of routine vaccines for their children and creating inclusive and accessible immunization services across underserved populations. 

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