Introducing BRAINstorm: CHILD-BRIGHT KT's Innovation Incubator Event and Grant Competition 2017

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The CHILD-BRIGHT’s Knowledge Translation Co-chair team will present an overview of their Knowledge Translation Innovation Incubator workshop and grant competition titled “BRAINstorm” that will take place on November 6th, 2017 in Toronto. This workshop is part of the Brain-Child-Partners conference 2017, a joint event with Kids Brain Health Network. From this presentation, participants should come to appreciate:       

  • Why we need innovation in Knowledge Translation
  • What innovation means in Knowledge Translation
  • Why YOU should participate in this BRAINstorm event
  • How can YOU find the right partners and develop an idea to participate in the innovative Knowledge Translation project competition
  • The unique format, lineup of great presenters and thought provoking activities you will experience during the workshop. 

KeikoShikako-Thomasheadshot.jpgDr. Keiko Shikako-Thomas:

Keiko Shikako-Thomas is an occupational therapist with doctoral training in rehabilitation science and postdoctoral training in knowledge translation to policymaking. Her research focuses on the promotion of healthy living and participation for children with disabilities and adopts a participatory methodology to engage different stakeholders, including policymakers, children and their families, in finding solutions to change the environment, inform policymaking and promote participation of children with disabilities in different life roles and activities. She is also leading several knowledge translation projects, including co-leading the website with Dr. Majnemer, and the Child Health Initiatives Limiting Disabilities Network (CHILD LeisureNET). 

Bio-Photo_CPutterman.jpgConnie Putterman:

Parent advocate for autism research and parent engagement, inclusion, and co-organizer of the first Canada-Israel Autism Spectrum Disorders Research Symposium

For twenty years, Connie has focused her professional efforts on connecting people, all with a view towards promoting partnerships, innovation, development, business strategies and new ideas. In facilitating these goals, Connie has represented the “parent voice” in research settings, publicly spoken both in Canada and overseas, managed conferences, developed programming, managed skills development, and facilitated business opportunities.  Her blog- the Parent Link, and Ted Talk-Finding your Waze, reflect her perspectives.  As founder of the Canada/Israel Autism Research Initiative, she continues to foster collaborations between scientists.  Along with her many years of advancing partnerships in the academic/research sector, she has also worked in the corporate sector and most recently helping corporations hire people with autism. She studied a master’s degree in business at Western University.  

Bio-Photo_JWeiss.jpgDr. Jonathan Weiss:

Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at York University and Clinical Psychologist  

He currently holds the federal Chair in Autism Spectrum Disorders Treatment and Care Research. His research focuses on the prevention and treatment of mental health problems in people with Autism Spectrum Disorder or intellectual disabilities. He studies the impact of stressors, such as bullying or transitions, and how cognitive behaviour therapy can help youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder who have mental health problems. He conducts knowledge mobilization activities to develop community-based research with impact. 

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