NEW COVID test for school-aged children: Just swish and spit

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As rates of COVID cases increase and testing lineups form, British Columbia has recently launched a new COVID test - a new gargle method for students ages 4 to 19. This test is one of the first of its kind globally. It has been described as a game-changer for COVID testing with kids. Join us to learn more about this new saline gargle test - how it was developed and is analyzed; its accuracy, cost, and ease of use compared with the alternative, the nasal-pharyngeal swab; its use with other populations; and more.

Dr. David Goldfarb, FRCPC, MD
Investigator and Medical Microbiologist, BC Children's Hospital

Academic Affiliations
Clinical Associate Professor,
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,
Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Dr. David Goldfarb is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine at University of British Columbia and Medical Microbiologist and Pediatric Infectious Disease Physician and Associate Department Head at BC Children's Hospital Department of Pathology. His research focuses on novel diagnostic, prevention, and management strategies for childhood infectious diseases particularly in resource limited settings in Canada and abroad.

Christy Hay, MSN, RN

Senior Director (Interim), Children’s Development & Rehabilitation & Covid-19 Collections Center
Director (Interim), New Knowledge & Innovation
BC Children's and BC Women's Hospitals & Health Centres
Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing
University of British Columbia

Christy Hay is a senior leader at BC Children’s and BC Women’s Hospital and Health Center and Adjunct Professor School of Nursing at University of British Columbia.  She has over 20 years of health care experience and more than 15 in progressive leadership roles within BC Children’s and BC Women’s Hospital and Health Center.  Most recently she was the operations section chief as part of the BC Children’s and BC Women’s Hospital and Health Center EOC team in the organizations initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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