Paediatric Project ECHO: Empowering healthcare professionals to provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time

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Project ECHO® is an innovative model for medical education and healthcare delivery that expands access to paediatric care. It connects specialized inter-professional teams with community-based healthcare providers in order to share best practices in a collaborative network where all participants learn from each other. This is accomplished through a combination of interactive videoconferencing, didactic presentations, case-based learning, and hands-on workshops to enhance learning and build a supportive community of practice.

SickKids’ Paediatric Project ECHO is focused on acute and chronic pain, bariatric care, complex care and palliative care. Starting in October 2017, ECHO sessions will be offered at no-cost to Ontario-based healthcare professionals. 

adammckillop.jpgDr. Adam McKillop is the Project Manager for Paediatric Project ECHO at SickKids. Adam completed his PhD at the University of Toronto and SickKids where he studied physical activity behaviour among adolescents and young adults with congenital heart disease. While his background focused on kinesiology and exercise science, Adam was interested in applying this knowledge in the paediatric clinical setting. During his time at SickKids, Adam became interested in healthcare innovation and leveraging technology to improve healthcare service delivery. He currently sits on the SickKids Innovation Acceleration Team and participates in other projects that aim to re-imagine pediatric care models. Adam was interested in joining Paediatric Project ECHO because it is a relatively simple use of technology that benefits the organization, community, and patients and families.

anniejiwan.jpgAnnie Jiwan is the Education Coordinator for Paediatric Project ECHO at SickKids. She is responsible for managing the content of the ECHO sessions, and also contributes to the research and evaluation of the program. Annie completed her Master’s degree at the University of Toronto in Management of Innovation, where she focused on the integration of technology with the healthcare industry. In the past, Annie has worked as a management consultant in Ontario’s public healthcare sector, and has founded and led one of Toronto’s largest youth advisory groups. Annie was interested in joining Paediatric Project ECHO because it has been shown to be a highly effective and practical model of improving healthcare outcomes on a global scale. 

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