Parenting in the COVID-19 Pandemic

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We will discuss the challenges of parenting during the pandemic with special emphasis on parenting the child with neurodiversity.  The pandemic presents unique challenges. Although the general principles of parenting are the same in a pandemic and in normal times, somewhat different strategies may be helpful. Questions and comments from the audience are encouraged.

Dr. Patrick McGrath.png Dr. Patrick McGrath

Dr. McGrath is a clinical psychologist, scientist, senior health administrator and social entrepreneur. He currently is Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at Dalhousie University and Scientist at the IWK HealthCentre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Chair of the Board of Strongest Families Institute, clinician with CMAPHealth and Founder and CEO of 90Second Health. His research focuses on two areas: the use of technology to deliver care and pain in child health. At CHILD-BRIGHT, Dr. McGrath is the co-PrincipleInvestigator of the Strongest Families Neurodevelopmental Program research project. He develops interventions and conducts pragmatic randomized trials to evaluate the interventions. In his clinic, he tackles a wide variety of problems with children and adults from a cognitive behavioural perspective in partnership with his clients and their families. He has published over 350 peer-reviewed papers, 50 book chapters and 14 books. He has received numerous national and international awards. (4).jpg Laurie Geschke

Laurie Geschke is a mother, first and foremost.  She is also a writer, lobbyist, workshop facilitator, and advisor on the federally funded Registered Disability Savings Program (RDSP) Helpline.  Laurie speaks English, French and some Spanish.  She chairs the Board of Directors of the FASD Society of BC, now 20 years in operation at the Asante Centre in Maple Ridge.  She also serves on the Parent Advisory Committee for the Strongest Families Neurodevelopmental research project, funded through the CHILD-BRIGHT Network. Laurie‚Äôs current work-related passions are in the areas of safe, affordable housing forlow income individuals and families, and future planning for families with a family member with a disability.  This includes providing information on creating wills, and the use of trusts and the RDSP as exempt assets so the family member receiving disability benefits in BC can keep receiving those benefits and still receive an inheritance as well.

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