Partnering for Pain: Top 10 Priorities

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Approximately 1 to 3 million Canadian children and teens live with pain lasting months to years. Children with chronic pain and their families are experts on what it’s like to live with pain, but until now, research has not asked what issues they care about most. Three years ago we established Partnering For Pain, a national patient engagement project seeking to co-produce the future of pediatric chronic pain research and care through partnership with patients, families, researchers, healthcare providers, and advocacy groups. A key outcome from our project was completion of a rigorous Priority Setting Partnership to identify the top priorities for research and care in pediatric chronic pain in Canada. This webinar will present the final Top 10 priorities identified by patients, families, and clinicians across Canada, as well as a new evidence and gap map to guide policymakers, researchers, and clinicians in addressing these priorities. The webinar will also discuss the benefits, challenges, and potential of patient engagement in child health research and care. The webinar will be co-presented by a researcher/healthcare provider and youth patient partner with lived experience with chronic pain. 

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Dr. Katie Birnie is a registered psychologist in the Vi Riddell Children’s Pain & Rehabilitation Service at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and Assistant Scientific Director of Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP). She has worked with children, adolescents, and their families dealing with chronic medical conditions and mental health concerns at children’s hospitals across Canada, including the IWK Health Centre (Halifax, NS) and The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, ON). In addition to clinical care, Dr. Birnie conducts research focused on improving the management of acute and chronic pain in children and adolescents. She has published 48 peer-reviewed articles, and her work has been featured in The Globe and Mail and Radio Canada International. Dr. Birnie is a strong advocate for the partnership of youth and their families in health research and practice. She leads #PartneringForPain, a national project that empowers the voice of youth with chronic pain and their families in directing the future of childhood chronic research and care in Canada. Dr. Birnie seeks collaborations to best support the health and wellness of youth, including with healthcare decision makers, clinical care providers, and families. 

Katherine Dib is a neuroscience student at Dalhousie University. She has lived with chronic pain for over 7 years and dedicates her time to helping others with chronic pain. She was a mentor through the Comfortability program at the IWK and has worked on a number of patient engagement initiatives. These include serving as a research consultant on Dalhousie’s Anaesthesia Research Consultants Committee and serving as a partner on the Partnering for Pain project. The Partnering for Pain project was a terrific experience for her and introduced her to the field of patient engagement in research. She's since shared her experience with the project at conferences and events in hopes of encouraging patients, family members and community members to also become co-researchers. 

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