Patient Engagement in Youth Mental Health

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Anxiety disorders are one of the most prevalent mental health challenges in youth and although there is a growing amount of research that focuses on anxiety in youth, its symptoms and the factors that contribute to it, this research does not always look at what youth think and feel. What is often missing is what it is like to be a youth living with anxiety. With that in mind, Dr. Roberta Woodgate and her team undertook a research study entitled “Youth Voices: Their Lives and Experiences Living with an Anxiety Disorder.” This study included 58 young people, from 10 to 22 years old and their parents. Youth and their parents were invited to participate in interviews where they shared their stories of living with anxiety. Youth were also invited to take part in photovoice which involved them taking photographs to document and reflect on issues that are meaningful to them and then to talk about those photographs. By authentically and meaningfully engaging youth throughout the research study, findings emerged from this work that will help to inform new and improve existing services and supports for youth living with anxiety. The aim of this webinar is to share findings of this Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) funded study. A second aim is to demonstrate the importance of engaging young people with lived experience in research. Additionally, innovative knowledge translation activities emerged from this study including the creation of five video vignettes depicting a day in the life of a young person with anxiety through dance. The video vignettes will be used for educating others about what it is like to be a youth living with anxiety. Our hope is that the videos will help create awareness and fight the stigma of mental illness.

A Day in the Life of a Young Person with Anxiety (5 part video series)

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woodgate.gifDr. Roberta L. Woodgate is a Professor at the University of Manitoba in the College of Nursing. She also has an appointment in the Max Rady College of Medicine for The Department of Pediatrics and Child Health (University of Manitoba) and is a research scientist with the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba. She holds a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Chair (CIHR) in Reproductive and Child Health Services and Policy Research. Her research program, IN•GAUGE, embraces a dynamic approach to: involve children, youth and families; interact with researchers and knowledge users in the research, intervention and evaluation process; and be innovative in the use and exchange of knowledge with the combined goal of improving health care/access to care and quality of life for children and youth. She works with diverse populations, empowering them to have a more active role in their health and the services affecting them, and utilize diverse and innovative research methodologies including arts-based methods.

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