Quality Improvement – Getting Buy-In at the Frontline Level

Last modified by Doug Maynard on 2019/04/10 22:37

The aim for healthcare organizations is to have a just culture as it relates to Quality Improvement. This means getting frontline staff to identify areas of improvement without feeling like they are placing blame on someone or being blamed themselves.

This session will talk about how the Janeway Emergency Department held quality huddles to increase staff knowledge of quality improvement, help identify gaps in service, areas for improvement and work on solutions.

Frontline staff not only identified areas of improvement but also created solutions to improve the care they are providing. This has increased staff engagement and created a positive attitude around quality improvement.

kim pic.jpgKim Pike RN BN MER

Currently Regional Director of Emergency Services and Ambulatory Care with Eastern Health. Kim has worked with Eastern Health for the past 20+ years. She started as a registered nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit then in 2009 went into management where she has held various management positions within Eastern Health. She holds a Masters in Employee Relations, sits on the Canadian Association of Pediatric Nurses Board and is an active member of the local Newfoundland CCHL chapter.