Revolutionizing Pediatric Rehabilitation: Design Thinking to Reconstruct Value

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Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (HB) is Canada’s largest academic children’s rehabilitation hospital focusing on the most meaningful and healthy futures for all children, youth and families.

Transition to adulthood is a time of great change and challenge for youth with disabilities and their families. Current service gaps have youth and families feeling like being “thrown off of a cliff” at the time of transition. With transition to adult services being identified as a health system priority impacting clients and families, HB catalyzed action enabling an integrated comprehensive transition strategy that promises to close the gaps in systems and services for children and youth with disabilities and transform the journey to adulthood.

In partnership with the Business Innovation Office from Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-term Care and the Rotman School of Management (Nexus Consulting Group), HB’s Transitions Strategy team embraced A Human-Centred Design Thinking Methodology to co-create innovative and sustainable solutions with clients, families and strategic partners.

Uniting strategic stakeholders (clients, families, clinicians and systems partners) utilized a participatory approach to co-create innovative design methodologies (including live scale prototyping and rapid re-design) that allowed the ability to capture participant feedback while co-designing a hypothesis-driven iterative process in real-time. By iteratively designing and implementing hypothesis-driven solutions, innovations were tested, refined, and incorporated throughout the build phase to avoid the shortcomings of a ‘big bang’ approach. The re-design was informed by a rigorous evaluation framework to facilitate the decision making process. This approach to reconstructing value resulted in the incorporation of best practices that are transforming programs and services and the client journey to adulthood.

Leadership lessons learned:

  • The process of reconstructing value requires leaders who embrace authentic partnerships with clients and families providing stakeholders both collectively and concurrently with the recognition that innovation(s) can arise from anyone or anywhere.
  • Measuring and evaluating the process of re-design and its outcomes are completed through real time iteration enabling leaders to course correct efficiently and effectively.
  • Tolerance for ambiguity and differences while embracing co-creation and emergence reflects a complexity leadership style that encourages exchange of open communication to influence action across the system.

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Mazen Almaoui.pngMazen Almaoui is the Senior Director, Programs and Services, at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. He is a key member of the leadership team responsible for strategy development, service model innovation, clinical service operations, process improvement, integrated performance management, and technology and innovation adoption. Mazen has extensive experience developing and implementing pragmatic service model innovations in healthcare and previously as a business transformation leader in management consulting at PwC. A system thinker with a passion for healthcare system integration, Mazen has held pivotal roles developing pediatric complex continue care service model pathways (from acute to rehab to community). Mazen holds a MBA and M.A.Sc. (Computer Engineering) from the University of Toronto.  His past experience in multiple sectors as a management consultant, combined with his experience as an entrepreneur as a founder of a high growth technology start-up, enables Mazen to incorporate innovative and disruptive models of design to the healthcare sector.

CJ Curran.pngCJ Curran is the Director, Programs and Services at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.  As a member of the leadership team, she is currently responsible for leading a multi-million dollar systems wide transitions strategy that supports and integrates consistent transition best practices throughout the continuum of care from adolescent to adulthood. A certified healthcare executive (CHE), CJ is recognized for her strategic leadership and novel approach to service redesign with extensive experience in pediatric rehabilitation.  A driver of disruptive innovation, she is a catalyst in creating stronger innovative health delivery models that improve children’s health and transform care. CJ is a lifelong learner that thrives in an environment where the spirit of inquiry is embraced, the status quo challenged, and iterative in her approach to leadership. CJ holds a master’s degree in Leadership, a master’s certificate degree from Schulich School of Business in Advanced Healthcare Leadership, and an undergraduate degree in Health Administration.  In addition, she is certified as a Patient Safety Trainer through Patient Safety Education Program (PSEP) and, a clinical team investigator (CTI) with the Bloorview Research Institute. A strategic thinker, CJ has demonstrated ability in building strategic coalitions and uniting stakeholders through shared vision and intentional purpose. 

Jean Hammond.png

Jean Hammond is a caregiver to her 14 year-old daughter with a disability. She has been a Holland Bloorview Family Leader for 9 years. At Holland Bloorview, Jean has served as Co-Chair of the Family Advisory Committee, member of the Quality Committee of the Board, and Co-lead of the Transitions Steering Committee. She has recently taken on a staff role at Holland Bloorview as a Family Partnerships Specialist and lead of the Care for the Caregiver branch of the Mental Health Strategy.

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