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15 15  (% style="font-style: normal;" %)Temi is the Perinatal and Infant Coordinator at the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute. Her work involves improving health outcomes during the perinatal period and early infancy, by providing evidence-based information to health and allied health providers who work with prenatal women, parents, and infants. Part of her role also involves driving the promotion and uptake of the “My Saskatchewan Pregnancy”; an evidence-based prenatal app for expectant parents living in Saskatchewan.
16 16  \\//Temi's session will cover the utility and relevance of health apps in healthcare delivery, using learnings from ‘My Saskatchewan Pregnancy’. It will also discuss the barriers associated with integrating health apps into care, how to address these barriers, and how to sustain the use of health apps post-pandemic.//
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19 +(% style="font-style: normal;" %)//(Moderator) //(%%)**Dr. Tanya Holt** completed her pediatric critical care fellowship in Montreal and returned home to Saskatchewan where she is currently the PICU division head and has been for the past 13 years. She also provides leadership in pediatric critical care transport with a specific focus on utilization of remote presence robotic technology. She completed her master’s in community health and epidemiology with a thesis that explored the experience by patients and providers when being cared for by virtual acute pediatric medical care. Dr. Holt's research interests relate to pediatric healthcare access, virtual care and transport medicine and more recently sustaining the 'disruptive innovation' of virtual care.
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