Working Together to Improve Access to Care: The Priority Health Innovation Challenge

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Is your team working to move the dial on improving home and community care or mental health and addictions? Join us on February 5 2020 and see how teams across Canada work to improve patient and client care and outcomes. The challenge offers you an opportunity to learn and connect with peers, share your team’s work, raise your organizational profile and have a chance to win up to $400,000 available that you can use as you choose. The Challenges Program team at the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement will be sharing more about this opportunity and highlighting the work of current teams working to improve access for children and youth seeking mental health and addiction services and home and community care across Canada.


  1. Gain an understanding of the work occurring at the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement to identify innovative initiatives that seek to improve access to services
  2. Learn about current teams participating in the Priority Health Innovation Challenge
  3. Consider and identify whether your organization should register an improvement project or initiative in the Priority Health Innovation Challenge
  4. Understand requirements for participation in the Priority Health Innovation Challenge

Click here to register for the webinar on February 5, 2020 from 1100-1200 Eastern 

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Lindsay Yarrow, MSW, RSW, MSc, is a Senior Improvement Lead with the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement. Lindsay has a clinical background as a Social Worker and has her MSc. in Healthcare Quality. She has extensive experience providing clinical leadership in both hospital and community settings with a particular interest in increasing access to high quality healthcare services for vulnerable populations.

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Sabrina Khan, MPH, BSc, is an Improvement Lead with the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement. Sabrina has experience working in promoting and improving quality in the healthcare system, and has expertise in virtual knowledge development, communications, as well as mental health and addictions in the nonprofit sector. Sabrina is passionate about promoting public health and reducing barriers to access.

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Carlie Brown, FCSRT, RRT, is a pediatric Registered Respiratory Therapist Fellow and Case Manager of the Home Ventilation Program at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. She has extensive expertise in sleep and respiratory medicine and care of medically fragile/technology dependent children and their families. Carlie leads numerous quality improvement projects and research studies with the goal of improving patient and caregiver experiences and safety.

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