mHealth for Youth: The JoyPop App

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In this presentation, join Dr. Christine Wekerle and Dr. Aislin R. Mushquash as they present the potential of mobile health applications (mHealth) as an evidence-based adjunct to pediatric practice. 

This talk introduces current knowledge on youth mHealth apps, evidence-supporting their use, and the importance of targeting emotion regulation (ER) as a key mediator to a range of negative and positive mental health (Wekerle). Modifiable resilience factors to improve children’s long- and short-term health outcomes include supporting mental health, fostering positive appraisal styles, bolstering executive function, teaching the importance of good self-care skills, and offering anticipatory guidance about the impact of trauma to caregivers. 

The JoyPop app (available in English and French) is discussed as one evidence-based, resilience-building app for youth. Research to date with Anglophone and Francophone youth (Mushquash and Hébert) is presented. Panelists will also discuss the implications for clinical practice and ongoing research.

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  • Dr. Christine Wekerle, Associate Professor & Associate Member of the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University

Dr. Wekerle is Editor-in-Chief the premier international journal, Child Abuse & Neglect, and founding editor to the open-access journal, International Journal of Child and Adolescent Resilience. Her research focuses no youth who have had adverse childhood experiences and their current mental health and resilience. She led the Maltreatment and Adolescent Pathways (MAP) Research Study partnered with Canada's largest child welfare agencies to track youth outcomes across adolescence. The research-to-action video on this study was runner up in the CIHR IHDCYH Video Talks competition. Her team grant #CIHRTeamSV focuses on the impact of sexual violence victimization among male youth and young adults, and components of resilience and developing intervention innovations. The #CIHRTeamSV research-to-action video won a special commendation prize in the CIHR Video Talks contest in 2017. This work is ongoing with ECPAT International. Dr. Wekerle and team have developed the app, JoyPopTM.

  • Dr. Aislin R. Mushquash, Clinical Psychologist & Assistant Professor at Lakehead University

Dr. Aislin Mushquash is a Clinical Psychologist as well as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Lakehead University and the Director of the Coping Research Lab. Work in the lab focuses on understanding how and why people cope with adverse experiences or stressful life events. In particular, Dr. Mushquash and her team study the role that early experiences, social relationships, and individual differences have on emotion regulation and coping and are currently leading implementation and evaluation efforts related to the JoyPop mobile mental health app.

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