Child & Youth Mental Health Data

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Child and Youth Mental Health Data Table 2019  
These data tables are a companion to the report Care for Children and Youth With Mental Disordersreleased in May 2015. They provide updated information on emergency department visits and inpatient hospital stays for mental disorders in children and youth age 5 to 24. Also included are tables on psychotropic medication dispensed to children and youth.
Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information
The Mental Health of Children and Youth in Ontario 2017 ScorecardSource: Institue for Clinical Evaluative Sciences 2017 Abigail Amartey, MPH, Maria Chiu, MSc, PhD, Evgenia (Jenny) Gatov, MPH, Astrid Guttmann, MDCM, MSc, FRCPC, Michael Lebenbaum, MSc, Paul Kurdyak, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Natasha Saunders, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Simone Vigod, MD, MSc, FPCPCJulie Yang, MA, With a contribution by the Ministry of Childrenand Youth Services
 British Columbia
Child and Youth Mental Health Case Data And Trends 
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