The Participation and Environment Measure for Children and Youth (PEM-CY) – A Recording of the Webinar is Now Available!

Last modified by Doug Maynard on 2013/04/29 17:08

CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research offered its first live webinar on April 13th, 2012. The presenters were investigators from the Participation and Environment Project (PEP) team, including Dr. Wendy Coster, Boston University, Dr. Mary Law, McMaster University, Dr. Gary Bedell, Tufts University, Dr. Mary Khetani, Colorado State University, and Dr. Dana Anaby, McGill University. They introduced a newly developed reliable and valid tool – the Participation and Environment Measure for Children and Youth (PEM-CY) – which has been designed to examine participation and environment across home, school and community settings among children and youth with and without disabilities. The PEP team also addressed the development, validation, recent applications, implications and future directions of PEM-CY in this webinar.

If you would like to access this webinar recording, please click here for more information.