BC Centre for Ability

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  • To improve the experience of CMC
  • To improve health outcomes of CMC
  • To enhance cooperation & communication between partners to enable shared care planning & service delivery for CMC & their families
  • To optimize appropriate use of resources for CMC & reduce avoidable costs
  • To help families with care co-ordination 

Services/activities that help to meet the objectives

  • Clinical/medical supports 
  • Community & social supports
  • Educational supports
  • Recreation
  • Caregiver & sibling supports 
  • Equipment
  • Therapeutic support 

Typical patient ( ie. diagnoses, age, technology)

  • Having 1 or more chronic clinical condition(s), either diagnosed or unknown that are severe and/or associated with medical fragility.
  • Having substantial family-identified health care service needs such as medical care, specialized therapy, and educational needs.
  • Having high projected utilization of health resources that may include frequent or prolonged hospitalization, multiple surgeries, or the ongoing involvement of multiple sub-speciality services and providers
  • Having functional limitations that are typically severe and may require assistance from technology such as a tracheostomy tube, feeding tube, or a wheelchair 

Inclusion criteria

  • Technology Dependent &/or users of high intensity care
  • Fragility, Chronicity, Complexity
  • Not receiving similar intensive care coordination & system navigation services from another group

Exclusion criteria

Team constituent or organizational structure

  • Family Representatives
  • Tertiary &/or Community Hospitals
  • Homecare provider agencies
  • Rehabilitation Hospital &/or Children’s Treatment Centre
  • Community-Based Paediatricians &/or Primary Care Physician
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist

Program funding

BC Ministry of Children and Family Development - Fixed cost per months for staff and expenses

Program evaluation

Clinical research

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