IWK Health Centre Complex Care Services

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Services/activities that help to meet the objectives


Typical patient ( ie. diagnoses, age, technology)

  • Children may have multiple system issues, tracheostomy, ventilators, home TPN, feeding tubes
  • Ages range from birth to 18-20 years
  • Most often children/youth have no firm diagnosis yet have multiple system involvement

Inclusion criteria

Any combination of:

  • Multiple systems involved
  • Multiple sub-specialists involved
  • Technology support needs, tracheostomy and/or ventilator dependency
  • Life-limiting disease, multiple hospitalizations and/or emergency room visits

Exclusion criteria

Formal team exists--i.e. CF, Diabetes, Immunology, Rehabilitation

Team constituent or organizational structure

  • General pediatrician
  • Subspecialists
  • CNS
  • SW
  • nutrition
  • OT
  • PT
  • Child Life
  • SLP
  • School services
  • Continuing care (home care)
  • Nursing

Program funding

It is part of the general paediatric budget

Program evaluation

We have some assessment tools.  Am happy to share them.

Clinical research

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