Caring for Kids New to Canada

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Caring for Kids New to Canada, is a  guide for health professionals working with immigrant and refugee children and youth.  A newly launched website, Caring for Kids New to Canada helps health professionals provide quality care to immigrant and refugee children, youth and families. It was developed by the Canadian Paediatric Society with experts in newcomer health. This webinar will be an opportunity to learn more about Caring for Kids New to Canada, the people behind the site, how it was developed, and how you might be able to use this resource to improve the care of new Canadians.



Dr. Chuck Hui MD FRCPC

Associate Professor of Paediatrics, University of Ottawa, and Paediatric Infectious Diseases consultant at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa.

Dr. Hui is a clinician teacher who is actively involved in knowledge synthesis and translation of issues pertaining to children and youth that are new to Canada.  He founded the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario  International Adoption Clinic, and he sits on the  Canadian Paediatric Society [CPS] Infectious Diseases and Immunization committee and the Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel [CATMAT]).  Dr. Hui has published Canadian Guidelines on International Adoption and Pediatric Travel Medicine and is the Co-editor in Chief of Children and Youth New to Canada book that is being revised through Citizen and Immigration Canada funding National and International speaker on immunizations, pediatric infectious diseases, international adoption and immigrant and refugee health

Dr. Tony Barozzino M.D., F.R.C.P.

Dr. Tony Barozzino is currently the Director of Community Outreach & Ambulatory Services in the Department of Pediatrics at St. Michael's Hospital and formerly served as Chief of Pediatrics from 2001 to 2012. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto.

He has worked as a Consultant Pediatrician in downtown Toronto for over 20 years with particular expertise in neonatology, developmental/school issues and care of the medically complex child.  He has developed a specialized pediatric care model for South East Toronto, focusing on inner city children/youth and their particular issues as seen through the lens of the social determinants of health.

His administrative leadership has resulted in St. Michael's Hospital's Department of Pediatrics being at the forefront of clinical care provision, education and research around socially disadvantaged children and their families.  The Pediatric Outreach initiatives, Developmental Services Team, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Diagnostic Clinic, School Based Health Clinic and the Infectious Diseases/Immigrant Health Clinics are but a few of the successful developments with regards to clinical care in this area.

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