Medical-Legal Collaboration - Addressing Legal Problems that Affect Parents Capacity to Care for Their Sick Child

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Most common problems faced by people living in poverty have a  legal underpinning and legal remedies.  Join us and learn about two innovative programs that bring together the medical, legal and social work communities.  Through Pro Bono Law Office (PBLO) at Children’s Hospital (London) & PBLO at SickKids (Toronto), our teams help low-income families to resolve legal issues that may prevent them from focusing their full attention on caring for a sick child.  Triage Lawyers and Social Workers from both Hospitals will be discussing the launch of these interdisciplinary programs – the only two of their kind in Ontario!


PowerPoint Presentation:  Medical-Legal Collaboration - Dickson, Lee, Sangha, Keagan




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Morinis J, Levin L, Bloch G, Ford-Jones L and the Social Pediatrics Working Group, ”Child Poverty: Practical Tool for Primary Care”  available at: thanks to Dr. Gary Bloch, Health Providers Against Poverty


Human Rights – Legal Support Centre

Offers human rights legal services to individuals throughout Ontario who believe they have experienced discrimination 

Centre’s free advice services range from legal assistance in filing an application at the Tribunal to legal representation on human rights applications

Contact Information: 

Tel: (416) 314-6266 

Toll Free: 1-866-625-5179

TTY: (416) 314-6651 TTY Toll Free: 1-866-612-8627

Legal Aid Ontario

Income based criteria – free legal help

Community legal clinics- housing, social assistance, some immigration

Specialty clinics according to issue (e.g. ARCH for disability) or language, country of origin (Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples)

Legal aid certificates – pay for private bar lawyers to provide legal representation in criminal, family, refugee

Contact Information:

Telephone: (416) 979-1446

Toll-free: 1800-668-8258

Fax: (416) 979-8669

TTY: (416) 979-8669   Toll Free: 1-866-641-8867 

PBLO- Child Advocacy Project: Education Program

Provides free legal services in the area of education law to families who cannot afford lawyers (not restricted to SickKids families)

Income criteria is higher than legal aid

Volunteer lawyers across the province trained in education law

May provide legal advice and representation

Found at apply online or call 416-977-4448


Stephanie Dickson - Stephanie has been a lawyer in London since 2009.  In October of 2012, she joined the PBLO at Children's Hospital Program as the onsite Triage Lawyer.  Stephanie is also a Staff Lawyer at Neighbourhood Legal Services, a legal aid clinic that assists clients with social justice issues.

Julie Keagan - Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto ON

Hannah Lee - Hannah is presently completing her Masters in Health Law at Osgoode Professional Development. Prior to joining PBLO as Acting Triage Lawyer in December of 2012, she practiced civil litigation at Shibley Righton.  She became involved as a PBLO Child Advocacy Project volunteer and served for a number of years as a trustee on the board of directors for the legal aid clinic Justice for Children and Youth. 

Jill Sangha - Jill has been a Social Worker at Children's Hospital London Health Sciences Centre or 10 years.  In her capacity as Social Worker Jill works with patients and families who have complex medical needs; among several other population groups. 

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