Transitional Care Planning: When Complex Kids Outgrow Paediatric Care

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Moving into adulthood can be both exciting and challenging for families of children with complex medical needs as they try to navigate multiple systems.  The goal of the Transitional Care Program at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences is to provide assistance within the transition planning process that is proactive and results in a detailed, individualized transition plan ensuring that your journey to adult services results in a successful transition. 

Join us on April 24, 11:00 - 12:30 EDT for this exciting session where we will hear various perspectives from a nurse practitioner, social worker  and parents.  Bring your voice and experience to the conversation.  There will be time for questions and discussions following the presentation.


PowerPoint Slides:  When Complex Kids Outgrow Paediatric Care (Sangha, Heinbein)

Presenter Bios:

Danielle Heibein RN(EC), MN

Danielle has  been a Nurse Practitioner at Children’s Hospital/LHSC since 2011, prior to that I worked as a bedside RN in inpatient Paediatrics for 12 years.    Her current role is Paediatric Nurse Practitioner with Complex Intermediate Care, Enteral Feeding & Transitional Care.

Jill Sangha, MSW RSW CTS 

Jill has been a Social Worker at Children's Hospital London Health Sciences Centre or 10 years.  In her capacity as Social Worker Jill works with patients and families who have complex medical needs; among several other population groups. 

Brenda (Parent)

Brenda is a parent of a daughter with complex medical needs and has experienced the transition from paediatric to adult care services.

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