Youth mental health in Canada: Supportive resources upstream of the emergency room

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Drawing on mindyourmind’s decade-plus of youth engagement and anti-stigma expertise, this webinar describes the landscape of youth mental health in Canada as found on the ground and in the literature, including current barriers to access for youth experiencing mental health challenges. Working in collaboration with youth and professionals who serve them, mindyourmind creates resources that have a proven track record of improving early-identification and help-seeking behavior. Participants in this webinar will learn about free, evidence-based resources to be used as adjuncts to in-service treatment or interactions with youth. mindyourmind professionals from a range of clinical and youth-engagement disciplines employ an interactive approach to this webinar, prioritizing audience needs, and equipping them with evidence-based resources to support their practice.


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Eugenia Canas


Eugenia Canas coordinates mindyourmind’s community of practice — a growing, multidisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to youth mental health. She has worked in communications and engagement for over a decade, and is an art therapist in the areas of child & adolescent oncology and mental health. She is a Ph.D. student in Health and Information Science at Western University. 

Andrea Kirkham


Andrea Kirkham has been an educator since 2002, working with youth in both the public and private sector. She has been the Curriculum Writer at mindyourmind since 2010, and loves the process of working with young adults and the rest of her team to develop resources that will, hopefully, expand people's knowledge and understanding of mental health.

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