Fair and Just Culture: The Role of Leaders in fostering a Fair and Just Culture

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Developing a positive Patient Safety Culture has been the aim of many healthcare institutions for the past number of years. But should we be striving for a positive patient safety culture or should we be developing a Fair and Just Culture…for patient safety, but also as the overall, underlying culture for the entire healthcare organization. One that supports your journey to a positive patient safety culture AND a positive ‘corporate culture’ where fair and just principles are the underpinnings of how we lead and manage. This session with overview one organizations beginning journey in this direction.


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darleneboliver.pngDarlene Boliver MAdEd BN
Darlene is the Director, Quality & Patient Safety at the IWK Heath Centre in Halifax Nova Scotia and has been leading quality and safety initiatives there for 15 years. She has worked  collaboratively on many national projects over the span of her 35 year career.

As the Chair of CAPHC Patient Safety Collaborative since 2009, Darlene has led many national presentations showcasing best practices from across the country.

In her home community Darlene is a Board Member of the North End Community Health Centre, past Chair of of the education Committee for the Nova Scotia Association for Quality in Healthcare and an active member of the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia.

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