A Waiting Room Game for Improved Care

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Children and their families often experience prolonged waits when seeking care in paediatric emergency departments. Children in this setting experience pain, fear and boredom.  Their parents similarly experience anxiety, and are often not well informed by the health care system.   The IWK Health Centre has embarked on a research project to examine if game based e-therapeutics in a paediatric emergency department waiting room will improve care.

In collaboration with an industry partner they have developed a game based infrastructure that will:

  • Enhance communication between children and parents, and the health care system
  • Allow for the initiation of common therapeutic pathways including those needed to optimize management of fear, pain and other common presenting complaints
  • Encourage positive interactions between families to help provide a supportive environment, essentially by crowd sourcing compassion.

Led by Dr. Brett Taylor, IWK has partnered with EverAge,  a vendor neutral content management implementation firm, to establish a strategy, develop requirements including the interface design, and implement a mobile client server infrastructure to be used in research to validate the effectiveness of such a system.



Brett Taylor, MD, FRCPC, MHI

Brett Taylor is an academic emergency paediatrician and health informatician attached to the Department of Emergency Medicine, Dalhousie University and the IWK Health Centre Emergency Department in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. Currently, his administrative and academic duties include Director, Centre for Therapeutic Technology at the IWK, Director Informatics for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Dalhousie, and Lead Physician, Informatics for the IWK Health Centre. Research interests include decision support in the acute care environment, decision making theory, the e-therapeutics of minor traumatic brain injury and emergency care, mobile applications for health, and information visualization. Dr. Taylor has been the director of two emergency paediatric programs and is a member of national paediatric research consortiums. He lives, works and surfs in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Andrew Wilcox

Andrew is the founder and president of EverAge Consulting Inc., a vendor neutral content management implementation firm on the east coast of Canada. He possesses more than twenty years of experience in the area of e-business and multimedia development. Prior to establishing EverAge Consulting Inc., Andrew held the position of President for The RGB Group Canada, Corp., an e-business consulting firm with offices in Canada and the U.S. Andrew has also been employed as an Applications Architect for Aliant Inc., where he was responsible for the strategic development of on-line initiatives and business case development. Andrew has also served as President of the Content Management Professionals Association (CMPros), an international collaborative community of practice advancing the field of content management.