Sepsis Bundle Implementation: The BC Children’s Hospital experience

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Deb Scott RN, BScN, Professional Practice Leader, Nursing

Deb has worked at BC Children’s Hospital for over 20 years. Her background is in pediatric critical care and emergency nursing. She has been a direct care nurse, clinical nurse coordinator, and an educator within the pediatric intensive care and emergency departments. In 2004 she transitioned into the role of professional practice leader in the department of nursing; working on policy development and large scale hospital initiatives. Deb became involved in BCCH’s sepsis initiative in 2010 working with an interdisciplinary group to adapt the guideline and implement sepsis bundles into clinical practice.


Worldwide, sepsis remains one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in children despite improved understanding of the cause, symptoms and effects and improved clinical management.

Delays in recognition of worsened condition, leading to delays in treatment plus inconsistent management of sepsis interventions are recognized issues that face the child and youth health care community.  

Despite many guidelines being developed and promoted there are barriers that exist at many levels that inhibit practice change and the implementation of guidelines.

Please join the CAPHC Patient Safety Collaborative on March 22nd as Deb Scott, Professional Practice Leader, BC Children’s Hospital  will talk about implementing a sepsis action plan, overcoming the barriers to change and share their accomplishments.

This presentation highlights the methodology used and the lessons learned during the implementation of the pediatric sepsis guidelines at BC Children’s Hospital.

Register now and invite your colleagues to join us.  This webinar will appeal to everyone interested in patient safety, quality improvement and change management. 


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