Inviting Families in to Improve Patient Safety

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Nick Joachimides, RN, MCISc

Hope Chick, RN, MN

Heather McCrady, BA, MTS


As patients, families, and health professionals learn to support one another to improve quality and safety a strong foundation for culture change can be created.  Building and expanding on existing programs will help to facilitate the creation of evidence based tools to further patient and family engagement in patient safety.

The CAPHC Patient Safety Collaborative would like to showcase initiatives at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab and Stollery Children’s Hospital where families are invited in and expected to be part of the development and implementation of safety programs.

On the September 23rd CAPHC Patient Safety Collaborative call:

Nick Joachimides will discuss the advantages of including families in pushing the patient safety agenda forward. His presentation will address concerns raised by committee members regarding the inclusion of families on committees, and how to address the concerns.

Hope Chick and Heather McCrady will present on family involvement in the Stollery Family Centred Care Network. This network represents over 150 family members, staff and physicians who have an interest in family centred care at Stollery Children’s Hospital and work collaboratively for common goals.


Inviting Families in to Improve Patient Safety - PowerPoint 

Engaging Clients and Families in the Patient Safety Agenda - PowerPoint

Watch the Webinar:

Speaker Bios:

Nick Joachimides is the Patient Safety Manager at Holland Bloorview, and Clinical Educator on the Specialized Orthopedic Unit. Nick also works as Correction Nurse in a Maximum Security Jail. He recently completed his Master’s of Clinical Science in Wound Healing with the University of Western Ontario. Nick is also a new father with a 4 month old daughter Mackenzie.

Heather McCrady is the Coordinator of the Family Room at the Stollery Children's Hospital.  She has worked with staff, families, physicians, and senior management in the development of the Family Centred Care Network and the many initiatives that have resulted over the past two and a half years.

Hope Chick is a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Stollery Children’s Hospital where her focus is Quality Improvement and Patient Safety. Key to this role is the opportunity to work with families to ensure their voice and experiences are reflected in all facets of our work.

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