Talking to Children about Medical Errors: Stakeholder Perspectives

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Health care organizations understand the importance of disclosure policies and the role they play in providing an environment where patients and care providers can feel supported when adverse events occur. They also recognize  the need to provide patients with information they need to understand and make informed decisions about their care.  What about when the patient is a child, how much do you tell them, how much do they want to know?

On June 26 we welcome Teyohate Brant a member of SickKids Children’s Council who will act as ambassador and be the voice for her peer paediatric patients. 

Dr. Donna Koller will present findings from her recent systematic literature review on policies and peer-reviewed research about the disclosure of medical errors to paediatric patients. She will then report feedback on this literature review gathered through focus groups with 3 different groups of stakeholders: patient safety and paediatric health professionals members of CAPHC, parents on SickKids' Family-Centred Care Advisory Council,  and children on SickKids' Children's Council. Comparing and contrasting these 3 groups' respective feedback and priorities will provide a suggestion for future directions in research on this topic. 


Speaker Biographies:

Donna Koller, PhD, is an associate professor within the School of Early Childhood Studies. She has a doctorate in human development and applied psychology from the University of Toronto, and a master's degree from the University of Missouri, where she was the first Canadian to receive the Blumenthal Fellowship and the Superior Graduate Student Award. Prior to graduate studies, she worked as a child life specialist in children’s hospitals in Canada and the US. Her expertise includes children's social and emotional well-being, their experiences with chronic illness and participation rights. She has consulted internationally on research methods with young children and psychosocial care issues for children with chronic medical conditions.
Dr. Koller is a primary investigator on two externally funded studies (SSHRC and CIHR), and one internally funded study. She is affiliated with the Hospital for Sick Children as an adjunct scientist with the Research Institute. She is the Ryerson project lead on a formal partnership between The Hospital for Sick Children and Ryerson University.

Morgane Le Pouésard, MA, is a recent graduate of Ryerson University's MA in Early Childhood Studies. Her master's thesis examined the use of mindfulness meditation as an intervention for children with health challenges. She is now working as the Project Coordinator for Dr. Donna Koller's joint program of research between SickKids and Ryerson University. 

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