The Canadian Bar Code Project

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Mr. Ian Sheppard


In 2008, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP Canada) and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), in partnership, convened a national roundtable in Ottawa, attended by the CAPHC.  The purpose was to determine the need for a national medication bar code standard to enhance patient medication safety, while maintaining supply-chain effectiveness, in a manner similar to health system review processes occurring in other countries. The roundtable participants, by consensus, agreed Canada must also expeditiously review its own requirements for medication Automated Identification (AI).

Mr. Ian Sheppard, ISMP Canada Project Lead, Canadian Pharmaceutical Bar Code Project, will describe how a national Implementation Committee of leading representative organizations was established to advise on the process of adoption and implementation of a national automated identification (bar coding) standard. This process has become the Canadian Pharmaceutical Bar Code Project, co-facilitated by CPSI and ISMP Canada. In April 2009, after broad consultation, the project jointly endorsed the adoption of the GS1 global standard for automated identification (e.g., bar coding) of pharmaceutical products in Canada, around which a national pharmaceutical identification strategy could be developed.

On February 3, 2010, after extensive technical input, and supported by the collaborating organizations of the project, ISMP Canada and CPSI formally released a “Joint Technical Statement on Pharmaceutical Automated Identification and Product Database Requirements”. The Statement describes technical recommendations for all healthcare sectors, and establishes a pathway for the pan-Canadian integration of global GS1 bar coding standards into health safety practices, at all stages of the medication chain.

References and Resources:

Canadian Pharmaceutical Bar Coding Project - PowerPoint

Joint Technical Statement on Pharmaceutical Automated Identification and Product Database Requirements

Speaker Biography:

Ian Sheppard has 30 years of experience in acute care and ambulatory care medication services in adult and pediatric care settings. His team experiences include the development and implementation of strategic medication systems such as automated distribution, centralised compounding, satellite pharmacy environments, and bedside barcode medication administration modules. Ian has been a member of the World Health Organization panel on spinal safety, and has co-developed medical device designs for safe spinal medication administration.  He continues to work on safety projects within the consolidated Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services, as part of their Quality and Medication Safety team.

Ian has worked with ISMP Canada since 2004 on various local, provincial and national initiatives.  He was seconded to ISMP in 2008 for the joint Canadian Pharmaceutical Bar Code Project, a national multi-sector safety initiative jointly led by ISMP Canada and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.

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