Domain 6 Lesson Plan(s)

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Recognize, Respond to and Disclose Adverse Events

Teaching methodologies:Academic half day interactive sessions: (click on links for teaching material)

Session 1-2 hours:
Session 1-2 hours
  • Role play disclosure using the case above or a local case; use residents and faculty (or Standardized Patients if available).
  • Use required elements for disclosure to ensure all points are covered.
  • Discuss the issues related to apology and use apology act from the appropriate province.
  • Discuss ethical and legal implications of disclosure.
Session 1 hour:
  • Review the reporting mechanisms available at local site, what happens to the reports and describe recent changes based on reports.
Session 1 hour:
Other learning opportunities:
  • Attend disclosure meeting (if possible).
  • IHI Open School - Available at no cost but you must register with them
Other Resources:

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