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Communicate Effectively for Patient Safety

Tools, Resources and Reference Material

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Process for informed consent

Bloorview:Consent Booklet - provide example


Care instructions and information shared by staff in clear language

  • HSN: Families on Pediatrics participate in family centered rounds daily;
  • HSN_Evaluation Tool _for_Rounds
     rounds are attended by the Physician, Assigned RN, Social worker and Dietician as needed.
    It provides an opportunity for the families to be involved in care decisions and to provide their input into the patients progress, improvement, usual routines, discharge planning, etc
  • Care  provided in both official languages. 
  • Interpreter services available
  • Medicine/healing lodge available and staffed by first nation representative 

Use clear, written communications to effectively disseminate patient safety information to clients and families


Increase use of telehealth and telemedicine


Use of an organization-wide handover communication tool


Education and clear process for Medication Reconciliation


Privacy and confidentiality respected for all patient and staff interactions


Invest in technologies that enable more accurate communication for patient safety

  • Computerized order entry 

Clear procedures for documentation and chain of communication

examples of reporting procedures for transfer to ICU or Tertiary care