Transitions Presentations

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Audio Resources

Provincial Council for Maternal & Child Health by Dr. Jan Willem Gorter- Click here for the audio presentation

Video Resources

Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) On Call Webinar

Improving Transitions from Child to Adult Care Needs 

Transition - The Alberta Update

Teen Transition Planning

The Navigator Program - Supporting Parents to Succeed and Thrive 

Transition To Adulthood For Youth With Disabilities: What Is The "Problem"? 

Transitioning Youth with Complex Care Needs

The Ability Hub - Awakening the Potential

Click here for the Ability Hub Launch Program 

Research in Youth With Chronic Conditions in Health Care Transition

Improving Transition from Pediatric to Adult Health Care: Evaluation Strategies

Transitions - New Approaches to Care for Young Adults with Life Threatening Conditions

Transitions - ON TRAC: Transitioning Responsibility to Adult Care

Transitions - South Health Campus Adolescent Transition-In Program Pilot Project

Transitions - The LIFEspan Model

Transitioning Youth with Special Health Care Needs

ErinoakKids Transitions Services


Transition from the Adult Care Perspective

Transitional Care Planning- When Complex Kids Outgrow Paediatric Care

Transitioning Congenital Cardiac Patients and their Families from Paediatric to Adult Services - The Quebec Experience 

Transitional Mental Health Services for Youth

Transitions CoP Post 2014 CAPHC Conference Progress Report

Transition and Transfer of Youth with Congenital Heart Disease to Adult Care

Independence Programs

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