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Is the isolated act for you? See how to decide

If you have done a job or delivered a timely service to an entity or client, as a self-employed person, you will have to issue an invoice for the amount charged. In this situation, you have two options: a green receipt or an isolated act. But which of these two is worth more? These are the fundamental differences. 


Isolated Act vs. Green Receipt


Issue frequency 


An isolated or single act is an invoice that corresponds to a service or commercial exchange with a unique or sporadic nature. For this reason, it can only be used once in each fiscal year, without having to open activity in Finance, as long as the value is less than 25,000 euros. 


Opening of activity in finance 


The issue of green receipts involves having open activity in finance. To issue an isolated act, provided it is worth less than 25 thousand euros, no. 


If it is collected in the finances, to pass green receipts, it cannot issue an isolated act. Why? An isolated act is a kind of green receipt that is issued only once per fiscal year. 




When an isolated act passes, it will have to deliver the VAT amount to the state, which is taxed at 23%. In exceptional cases (if it is a situation described in article 9 of the CIVA) the client entity also delivers the VAT, so that it can then be returned to the state. 


Green receipts work a little differently. There is only an obligation to charge VAT if the total annual accumulated value exceeds 10 thousand euros. 




Isolated acts are declared for IRS purposes. However, if the value of the isolated act does not exceed 4x the value of the Social Support Index (IAS), that is, €1715.60, and if this is the only income, it is exempt from submitting the IRS declaration.


And do you have to withhold income tax when passing an isolated act? If the value of the isolated act is less than 10 thousand euros, you can choose to do it or not. 


For green receipts, if the annual value does not exceed this amount, it is also exempt from retention, according to article 101-B of the CIRS


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IRS tax 


Income from different types of activities is taxed differently, as stated in article 31 of the CIRS.  


For example, the taxable income referring to professional activities described in article 151 of the CIRS – such as architects, doctors, translators, etc. - it is 75% of the earned income; in case the professional activity is classified as “other service providers”, the taxable income is 35% of the declared. 


Once the taxable income has been determined, the IRS rates by brackets, described in article 68 of the CIRS, will have to be applied. 




Social Security 


With regard to social security, if you issue a single document, you will not have to register or pay monthly contributions. In the case of green receipts, you will have to do so, after benefiting from an exemption for the first year. 


Unemployment allowance 


Note also that if you are unemployed and issue an isolated act, you will not lose your unemployment benefit, while with green receipts, yes.


In general, when deciding whether to issue a green receipt or an isolated act, it is necessary to take into account:


  • IRS values; 
  • mandatory or not VAT; 
  • Maximum and minimum limits; 
  • Broadcast frequency; 
  • Social Security Status. 


If you still cannot make a decision, you can always download the simulator available on the Finance Portal – the values ​​are indicative, as it is not possible not to include all declarative situations. 



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