Stollery Children’s Hospital (Edmonton, AB) - Family Bedside Orientations

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Wodinsky et. al.

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 Journal Article - Program evaluation


 Present an innovative bedside peer support model for families of paediatric patients piloted in one unit at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta.

Key Notes/Findings:

  • Importance of team effort: Stakeholders from multiple disciplines worked collaboratively to generate creative solutions for project implementation and process improvement.
  • Data collection limitations: The project reflects the challenges with collecting data in a busy hospital environment with constant patient turnover. Existing auditing processes were incorporated where possible.
  • Peer support is being reinforced as part of unit culture: Peer mentor presence is becoming accepted and normalized in 5G4.
  • Refining the visit process: There has been continuous learning among staff and volunteers about timing the visits, identifying families would benefit from a visit, and providing relevant resources based on the family’s length of stay.


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