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 Provide efficient, effective and holistic services which are person or family focused and recognize the principles of population health and primary health care.

Key Notes/Findings:

  • Winnipeg Integrated services (WIS) is a government initiative that integrates services from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) and Manitoba Family Services and Housing (FSH).  
    • Previously, there were two programs that coordinated services for children with complex medical needs: Children’s Special Services (CSS) and Children’s Home Care Program
    • Services delivered by FSH and WRHA are organized into community areas
    • Some specialized services remain centralized  (see ICS below)
  • Integrated Children’s Service (ICS) was created, which provides flexible care options to the child and family in order to maximize their potential and experience in the community
    • Blends Medical Model and Family Centred Practice, Social Workers and Nurses are part of the same team. Families access both components through one system.
    • Can link to other WHRA or FSH programs
  • Unified Referral and Intake System (URIS) was created in 1995 to provide a standard classification and referral system.  URIS provides funding for schools to hire nurses and to community programs to provide training. URIS is classified in two groups:
    • URIS Group A (Medically Complex)
    • URIS Group B (More broad criteria)
    • Are building expertise in findings paths of service to meet needs of families with Children with Medical Complexity
      • Also are exploring and developing best practices (e.g. early intervention programs)
  • Another similar initiative, Specialized Services for Children and Youth (SSCY) is an alliance mainly from the following government departments:
    • Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA)
    • Manitoba Family Services
    • Manitoba Education & Advanced Learning
    • Manitoba Health
    • Key features of the SSCY Initiative:
      • Central Intake System
      • Lead Case Coordinator
      • Integrated Services
      • Co-location of Key Services to new facility (SSCY Centre ) opened in Spring 2016
      • Family Centred/Family Resource Centre
      • Monthly learning series (Breakfast at SSCY)


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