Hutchinson et al. - 2009 - Creating Respite Solutions

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Hutchinson et al.

Nova Scotia Partnership on Respite, Family Health and Well-being






 Nova Scotia




 Workshop was created to provide a centralized setting where parents could learn about respite and the available local and provincial services and resources 

Main goal was to build family capacity by helping parents identify workable respite solutions based on their family strengths, family needs and available community resources

Key Notes/Findings:

Out of many recommendations for respite solutions, there were four priority recommendations for responsive respite care provision:

  • Develop accessible and centralized informational resources on respite for caregivers and professionals
  • Enhance provincial capacity to recruit, educate and retain respite workers
  • Develop home-based and inclusive community-based after-school, summer and recreational/leisure programming for all ages.
  • Review/revise the eligibility criteria formal respite funding and services provided by the Nova Scotia Department for Community Services – Direct Family Support program


 Hutchinson P, MacRae A, McFadyen S. Creating Respite Solutions [Internet]. 2009 [cited 2016 Oct 18]. Available from:

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