CanChild - 2019 - The Kit: Keeping It Together

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 Provide parents caring for children with disabilities an organizational tool that provides  information for their child, and to assist then when interacting with different service systems, for example health, education, and recreation.

Key Notes/Findings:

The KIT: Keeping it Together contains a User's Guide that will help parents through the initial process of how to use the KIT. It is useful for parents of children with a wide variety of special needs and all developmental ages from birth to 21 years. The KIT has two parts: the user's guide and the binder.

Part 1: User's Guide
Full of strategies, tips and resources about information.
Provides the "how to's" for using the Information Kit
Contains examples and tips from parents to help you get started

Part 2: Binder
Provides you with an interactive, organizational system for your own information
Contains blank forms for you to write on, as well as sections for you to store current documents, business cards and other types of information that you need to have at your fingertips

To order: The KIT can be ordered online from the McMaster University Campus Store or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-238-1623.

Cost: $29.99 plus GST and shipping. 

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