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About Us

Bear STS is a friendly, safe and reliable private school transportation provider serving the Ottawa area. We provide transportation for children, of all ages and needs, to and from school, day care, after school care providers or extra-curricular activities such as recreational, sporting and tutoring activities.

We provide parents with peace of mind by ensuring their children are safely driven to their destination on time by experienced drivers with clean driving records who have submitted police record checks, maintain reliable vehicles while carrying appropriate vehicle insurance and have provided this service for a number of years through this company and others.



info@bearsts.ca613-620-BEAR (2327)


  • Children will be picked up at their homes in the morning at the agreed to pick-up time. Children should be ready for pickup at the agreed to pick-up time
  • Children must wear their safety belts at all times, no exceptions
  • Children will be dropped off at school according to school regulations
  • Children will be picked up in the afternoon at the agreed school location, no later than 10 minutes after the school bell has rung, unless previously agreed upon with the driver
  • Children that physically harm other children will have their services terminated. BULLYING will not be tolerated.
  • For safety reasons, eating and drinking are not permitted in transportation vehicles.
  • It is imperative that parents inform Bear STS and the driver of any issues that could possibly affect the safety of the child/children being transported such as custody issues, separation, restraining orders or any other legal matters.

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