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Next Step Transitions Inc is a company that helps families, businesses, and allied health professionals make the Ottawa area community a more accessible place to live.

It determines its success by:

•           Being able to help seniors maintain independence and age in the place of their choice; 

•           Assisting families to adapt their home after a life-changing accident; 

•           Creating a safe environment for those with mobility-related diseases or illnesses (e.g. Parkinson’s, MS, or ALS); 

•           Helping business owners to open up their storefronts, restaurants and community spaces to people of all abilities; 

•           Working with Retirement Homes and Assisted Living facilities to increase their accessible living options; 

•           Partnering with Occupational Therapists to carry out accessibility recommendations and/or to provide comprehensive Health & Home Assessment Reports for legal or insurance purposes; 

•           Reducing stigma around accessibility needs and spreading compassion through person-centered care.




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